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 Includes Heavy duty paper plates, utensils & napkins

Smoked Beef Tri-Tip
Slow smoked till tender and juicy, thinly sliced and piled high on your choice of hoagie roll or Hamburger bun Choice of BBQ sauce

Pulled Pork
Smoked till it falls apart, then hand pulled and piled high on a sweet french bread roll or Hamburger bun (shredded pork with bbq sauce)

Carolina Style Pulled Pork (shredded pork with bbq sauce topped with coleslaw)

Assorted Deli Sandwiches On French Roll or Baguette 
Choose from sliced Roast Beef, Smoked
Turkey or Ham
Cheese: Cheddar, Provolone or American Cheese

Your Choice of Our Signature Habanero Mayo or Reg. Mayo Tomato's-Lettuce is an option

Sold by the sandwich (6 inch) or by the foot. Can be cut to whatever size you like \

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